NoSQL Performance with Full Read/Write Access to SQL Features


    Many technologies are working to create a multimodel database that combines relational and non-relational data. But no one can blend these two data models like FairCom. 

    FairCom has been advancing our multimodel database technology for over 40 years. It provides the benefits you rely upon in your RDBMS without the need to reformat your NoSQL data.

    We call this unique technology No+SQL

    We have written this white paper to give you details on how we can uniquely blend these two data models. In this white paper, you will learn: 

    • How to achieve ACID-transactions with blazing performance.
    • How c-treeACE can handle multi-schema data.
    • How SQL fills the gaps commonly found in NoSQL databases.
    • And much more.
    Download the white paper now to see how FairCom can provide you a true multimodel solution.