Here to Help: Free COBOL Modernization for Government Agencies


c-treeRTG can alleviate strain put on COBOL systems and mitigate impact of developer shortage


To help overcome the negative effects of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, FairCom Corporation is offering to government entities at every level in the United States our COBOL modernization solution for non-mainframe COBOL systems for free for one year. This offer is an effort to help government agencies as they face an unprecedented number of requests that have overloaded their legacy COBOL applications – a problem that has been well-documented in recent news stories.

The c-treeRTG COBOL Edition can easily update a COBOL system so that it can be used with modern programming languages such as Java and Python. It also allows a COBOL system to integrate with the latest technologies, enhance performance, improve data integrity and provide access to other applications. All of this can be done without changes to the COBOL source code, which is also beneficial since the availability of COBOL developers has been an issue for government agencies during the pandemic.

The offer
Through the end of the year, FairCom is offering government entities struggling right now with their COBOL systems:
  • Free annual subscription licenses of the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition, for up to 1 year
  • Free standard support for up to 5 programmers, for up to 1 year

Government entities, including school districts, who wish to learn more about the offer or to get started in the modernization process can contact us at 1.800.234.8180 or

More c-treeRTG details
The RTG stands for “Ready-To-Go,” and it means exactly that because no source code changes need to be made to a legacy system. c-treeRTG enables an organization to:
  • Modernize a legacy system with current technology APIs connect to other systems, providing quick and easy access to live data for analytics and business intelligence
  • Migrate more easily from a legacy system to a new one

The result is that the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition has transformed and modernized non-mainframe legacy COBOL applications around the world, in the public and private sectors, for more than a decade.

We truly believe this offer will allow your organization to quickly address challenges you are facing with legacy COBOL applications, and free up resources to focus on other essential tasks.

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Watch Fast Track COBOL Modernization (3:30)

"The path to fast-track modernizing COBOL passes through the data, not the programs. If you can share your COBOL data files, in real-time, with all other languages and systems, you will have a solid, modern environment with no need to rewrite your COBOL applications."

Evaldo Oliveira FairCom


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